Amanda Vernon

Speaking to authentic beauty through music, the language of the soul.


A mix of interactive songs, scripture stories, personal testimony, and a call to action. While Amanda especially loves singing for families, she tailors her Concert/Keynote to fit any age setting: from elementary schools, to youth rallies, to marriage encounters and retirement homes.  Between 30 - 90 minutes, this presentation can stand alone, or add to a larger event.  

Liturgical Music

A practicing member of the Catholic Church, Amanda’s favorite form of worship is the Mass.  She has led liturgical music as an accompanist, cantor (song leader), and ensemble director for over a decade.  

Whether Amanda is in a Mexican mission chapel, a breathtaking European basilica, or at her home parish of the Cathedral of St. Andrew (Grand Rapids, Michigan), she understands how prayerful song enriches the Eucharistic celebration universally.

Amanda also sings and speaks fluently in Spanish.  Her personal faith in Christ and her years of experience allow her to lead sacred music for congregations of diverse cultural backgrounds.


To bring Amanda’s music ministry to your church, school, diocese, or faith-based event, simply use the contact form.


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